Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Composing for Concert Band

We have been studying the role of transposition in writing for instruments. We will see that in action as we try our hand at composing for a concert band. The Noteflight template I have set up for you is along the lines of the instrumentation for the GHS Concert Band. As we work through this, we will discuss instrument ranges and other related topics. Check out the score...

Writing for Band
The template is a score view of the concert band. There is no established key (well, C by default), so you have the freedom to change to a different key if you so desire. Please refer to the link on instrument ranges if you are unsure how high or low you should write for a given instrument.

Instrument Ranges for Reference

I would like to use these examples that you write for sight-reading with the band. Perhaps we can try some of these out before the end of the school year and you , as composers, can be there for the performances.

Check out some published scores to get a sense of what a completed score for band might look like.

Sample Scores

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